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300 Cash Spins + Other Ongoing Bonuses
T&Cs Apply
For players registering from 03/08/2020 to 31/12/2020. Registration = 100 Crystals & 500 Vollars. Max Rewards on 1st Dep = 300 Book of Dead Cash Spins, 2,500 Vollars & 1,000 Crystals. Only on 1st Dep of min £20. Dep needs to be wagered x1. Every £10 on 1st dep = 10 Cash Spins, x5 Vollars & x2 Crystals. No wagering on Cash Spins wins. Max wins = £300. Neteller & Skrill deps excluded. Listed gameplay excluded on 1st dep. Further T&Cs apply.

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

As both the Online and Mobile Slot world becomes increasingly competitive, Online Casinos must look for more and more ways to attract customers to come and play on their site in particular. One of the most popular ways this has been done is through the use of online casino bonuses for players. There are multiple different types of bonuses and each of them have their benefits depending on what type of player you are.  

The good news for the players is this is a pretty great deal and the end result sees the players with a little extra money in their Online Casino account that they otherwise wouldn’t have. The first type of bonus that slot players will first come across is sign up bonuses. Depending on which site you choose to play on these can be pretty huge, or relatively small.  

There are a number of key factors that will determine the size of these bonuses and they include how big the overall size of the site is and how many players it has, how good their ongoing bonuses are as well as their loyalty club, and finally how new a site is as a newer site will typically offer more as they try to build a player base for their site. 

About Free Slot Bonuses 

There are two sign-up bonuses that an Online Casino will typically offer players and they are No Deposit Bonuses and First Time Deposit Bonuses. The first of these two type of bonuses may be hard to believe exist but they do, and it actually helps both the player and the site in general. A No Deposit Bonus will generally be somewhere in the region of £5 to £20 with between £10 and £15 being the most common amounts. These are given to the player when they sign up to their site so they can try out the company’s site, play all the different games they have to offer, get a feel for the software they use, and get a little integrated with the community. 

Online Casino Bonus Wagering 

It should be noted that while these bonuses are generally pretty nice and give you full reign to try out everything about a site, there are a restriction that comes along with them. That is simply that you must wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw from the site. This only makes sense really otherwise people would be signing up at Online Casino after Online Casino and just taking all the free money they can get.  

The wagering limit is not usually too high, and if you see yourself winning a jackpot on one of the Online Slots you play on with this new site you will most certainly be able to withdraw 99% of it if you so wished! The reason an Online Casino would give you so much money to play with their Online Slots and give you a chance at one of these jackpots is that they believe that once you try their software, you will really enjoy what they have to offer and want to remain here. So, it’s a win-win for both parties really. The second type of sign up bonus an Online Casino will have is a First-time deposit bonus.  

These are going to be the largest bonuses you will find anywhere and the size of the bonus is proportional to the amount you are willing to deposit. Each site will offer different percentage bonuses up to different amounts so it’s best that you shop around, read a few reviews and find the best bonus for you.  

After all, if you are only looking to deposit £20 to play with then there is no point signing up to an Online Casino who offers a 100% bonus up to deposits of £100 pound when there are sites that will offer a 400% bonus on deposits up to £20.  

While the first one would net you more money if you deposited the full amount, it’s not what you are looking for as you can get close to the same bonus for an amount you are looking to deposit. So, our advice with no deposit bonuses is to have a look at all the different casino bonuses like on this site to see which is best suited to you!  

Once you have finally signed up to an Online Casino to play your Online Slots the good news is the bonuses do not stop there. After all, if it did you could just move on to the next site and get another tasty sign up bonus! With ongoing bonuses each site will have their own particular bonuses each with their own little gimmicks. Quite often you will see just one casino with 20 or more ongoing bonuses and promotions for their players so naming them all here is not quite practical; however, we will go over all the main one’s for you to get a feel for what they are like.  

Popular Casino Bonuses

The most popular one that is handed out is right up Online Slot players street and that is free spins! Just for coming back to a site you have already signed up for generally they will award you with free spins. These can range anywhere from 5 to 100 free spins a day depending on what they are awarding. However, it is our opinion that the most important ongoing bonus that an Online Casino can have is its loyalty program. These usually work off a point system where playing the slots will earn you points that you can spend on cash prizes or on free spins.  

Bonus Loyalty Systems

There are typically lots of levels of the loyalty system in place and the more you play the higher the level you will get. The reason you want to get to a higher level is that the casino will give you more points to spend on cash and spins for playing the exact same game at the same stake if you’re a higher level. Furthermore, as we touched on earlier with the free spins bonus a site will offer it is a general rule that the higher up you are in their loyalty program, the more free spins you will get. So, in the end there really is no such thing as a bad bonus, and fortunately for the player there is plenty of them to go around.  

Whenever you decide you are going to sign up to a site it’s important that you find the sites sign up or no deposit bonus first otherwise you are going to be throwing away free money which is rarely a good thing to do. The best way to catch these deals is generally through a site through this one that has all the information you need to know about a bonus without any of the hassle. Then after that all you have to worry about is taking down all those slot’s jackpots!